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Public Lecture 2019
MOVE ME! by Eduard Böhtlingk

25 October 2019 (Friday), 15:00

“When should architecture be anchored firmly and when is it better to be mobile?” Now the internet has such an enormous influence on our mobility and a light footprint of a building is required, this is a question to be asked in every contemporary assignment. Our world is changing rapidly and architecture should play an active role. 

Eduard Böhtlingk is a Dutch architect based in Maasland, a village near Rotterdam. His office has produced mobile objects over a long period of time, starting in 1985. It includes an exhibition unit, an foldable dwelling, a landscape feature, a housing design system and banking mobiles. With the realization of the OPENhouse in Almere he has created a spot for meetings and exhibitions about mobile living. 

”The work of Böhtlingk is based in the realm of dedicated problem solving. The exploration of mobile concepts is pursued in this spirit - to provide another way in which to find appropriate solutions to specific design problems.” (Robert Kronenburg in Portable Architecture III).


Date & Time: 25 Oct 2019 (Fri), 15:00

Venue: Room 2201, 22/F, Island East Campus, 494 Kind's Road, North Point

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